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Spirit Animals Art

Needle felted Animal Sculptures

One of a kind needle felted wool sculptures of your Spirit Animal Messenger with a  Channeled message from them just for you.

Spirit Animal Messengers

Spirit Animals have so much to offer.  Getting in touch with the higher realms of light can be a great help in understanding ourselves more. 


Each person has one or more Power Animals or Totems that are with them for life. They also have many that are more Allies/Helpers/Messengers that come in for a period of time to lend their certain strengths and attributes to help with navigating this particular season of life.

I connect with the helper/messenger who wishes to be known Now to assist. This may or may not be the main Totem.  It will be the most significant helper to the person in this now moment.

Most prefer not to know the animal and message up front , and like to find out when they open the box! I wrap them like a precious gift and many have given these as wonderful unique gifts to loved ones. 

I also can make an animal that a person already has a special connection with. 


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