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Spirit Animal Channeling& Needle felted Animal Sculptures

Shamanic Journey to find your Spirit Animal Helper with a transcript of the Journey, messages,  and cleared and +charged AI generated illustrations of what I saw along the way PLUS a needle felted wool sculpture of the Spirit Animal that presents itself.

* The next 10 Shamanic Journey sessions, I will ship a FREE Black Tourmaline Energy Transmuting Pendant. (US and Canada)  

This is a Surrogate Shamanic Journey where I travel to the Spirit Worlds with my guides to clear any non-beneficial energies and retrieve any information Spirt wishes to share with you.  We will also meet and bring back a Power Animal ( Spirit Animal Helper) who wishes to work with you at this time.


There could be Soul Retrieval and/or Past Life Clearing, (I will often incorporate CTT -Conscious Transformation Techniques to diffuse the energy at the root)  Also, Guide messages etc.  Each Journey is unique to what comes through for you.


A part of yourself often accompanies us on this Journey. I transcribe what I see and find or generate images to illustrate.


Remote Spirit Release
w/Spiritual Health Check


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