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"When I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be

Lao Tzu


There are several Guides I have gotten to know over the years that are part of my Spirit Team.  All of our guides are aspects of ourselves who have different perspectives brought by their experiences.  I consider them as wise High Vibrational Aspects of myself that connect to help guide me in this incarnation. Each has specialties.  I am finding that there are quite a few who are adept at Healing and I am working on bringing those aspects through to be used on this plane.

I feel like I have some guides coming through strongly recently who wish to work with me more in Spiritual clearing and healing work.

Currently, They have been guiding the work in Shamanic Journey sessions to bring insights, healing, and Spirit Allie, and Animal Helpers through for people. Here are some of my wonderful guides and how I see them.


Red Hawk- My primary Spirit Guide.  I was introduced to him in a CTT session with George in 2017 without realizing he was my guide.  He presented himself to me clearly in Remote Spirit Release training with Dr Palmer in 2019 and has become a trusted friend.  I had a Spirit guide drawing done and of course he is the one who stepped forward.  

He is the one I work most closely with in any Spiritual Work I do.  He stands by and oversees, often relaying wisdom.  He lived in the 1800's and fought at the battle of Little Big Horn.  He is invested in helping people come back to themselves and to work together and not be led by false authority.

My White wolf Guide/ Misha. sometimes he has wings and sometimes not.  Spirit is fluid after all-   He along with his pack patrol the perimeter when we are doing Spiritual work.

He is amazing at animal type missions. I call on him to locate and lead lost animals back home. 

He accompanies me on Shamanic Journeys to find Spirit Animal Helpers for people.


Pegasus Spirit Animal Protector and amplifier.  Stepping within his energy the frequency is amplified and protected for the work .  I also travel with him in my own personal hypnosis sessions.


Ju Long  _ A joyful guide. He works with herbs and healing.  I had a guide portrait made and he came through. second pic is what was generated when I described how I see him.

Amara-  She feels very much as a mantis Energy. She is also coming in with a collective of feminine energies.  She shows herself as a young woman in a flowing dress. She knows I am not entirely comfortable with the image of bugs so she makes me more comfortable with this form.

running elk.png

Running Elk- He often accompanies me on a Shamanic Journey to find people's Spirit Animal Helpers along with Misha.

He is a master at moving through the worlds and layers as we gather information and clear.  He ensures we go in and come out safely.

A White Stag that shows up when a loved one in Spirit is near.

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