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Lovely Feedback

"I loved this so much, I am going to get a small glass collector case

to put this in so I can display it without it getting ruined.

I thought the reading was spot on in so many ways.

The art of the animal is beautiful. I thought it especially interesting as one of my

daughters can read souls and she said my soul is like a lotus bush/tree with a black

panther springing out when you walk by. So you certainly picked up on the big cat energy

which I have always had around me. And may even be part of that tribe.

My whole life I have said, I am like a cat either doing nothing or highly energetic and I definitely

have more than 9 lives :)

Anyway appreciate your talent and gifts so much. I am going to order more soon!!"

Kim M.


"Thank You Thank You Thank You.... I am in Love"

Tara A.


"I received it and it's beautiful! It's funny because when you said it was an ecosystem of sorts of course my mind was sending pics to my head and some of this seems familiar! You do beautiful work! I totally resonate with what came through on my spirit animal channeling <3

Thank you so much this it was needed at this time!"

Kelly S.


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