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-​CTT uses a simple bilateral tapping method paired with a few phrases to quickly release stuck emotions from the body.  This remarkably simple technique is true modern-day magic. 
-4-minute Miracle shows you how effective it can be...
-In the CTT Past Life Process we quickly and efficiently  access a past-life trauma that is affecting your life now. Each session raises your awareness and helps to clear away roadblocks to consciousness expansion.


CTT Consciousness Transformation Techniques
-Past Life Process
Online via Zoom
-$44 (about 90min)
(Teach 4 Minute Miracle and do CTT Past Life Process session)

​-Additional sessions $33
(for specific issue or exploring up to 1hr)



CTT Past Life sessionvia ZOOM- First session

  • I will contact you and we will decide on a day and time to meet on zoom for the session

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