Needle Felted pair of Giant Black and Rufus Elephant Shrews. They are each aprox 7" long from nose to rump and about 4" to back. They are built on a wire armature and can be gently posed

Elephant Shrews mate for life and interestingly enough the females have periods. While they do live close to one another they generally get together for breeding and prefer to live separate but near one another. Independent romantics it seems. It was great fun bringing these two to life. I named the male Rufus and the girl Giselle. They are quite in the honeymoon phase at the moment.

Lovingly needle felted in a smoke free environment.

I will be posting more and better pictures soon. You can see the making of them in my 7 part video series here

They will be gift wrapped and sent free by priority mail to the US
Please contact me with any questions

*These are for display only. Not suitable for children. Protect from curious pets. Dogs and cats can be attracted to wool items

Giant Black and Rufous elephant shrews, Sengi, Needle felted, mated pair, READY

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