**Thank you for the overwhelming support and all your wonderful orders!  I have now caught up on comissions and will begin taking orders again.  If the item shows sold out you can contact me to be put on the waiting list for the next slot. 

  General time to complete is 1- 2 weeks.  This is for a slot in mMay/June


4-6" one of  kind needle felted wool sculpture and message from your Spirit Helper. Each one will be made from your Channeled Sprit Animal Helper.  I connect with my guides and ask for the Spirit Animal who wishes to work with you now to step forward.  I also will convey any messages they have for you. Or you can choose to have an animal Spirit you work regularly with made instead. They will wear a selection of stones and have a rainbow moonstone placed inside them at their heart as they are made. Each one is unique and carries the love and energy of that Spirit Animal helper especially for you.

After purchase I will contact you to send me a recent picture of the person receiving the sculpture.

These make excellent gifts as well.




4-6"Spirit Animal Sculpture w/message./July

$155.00 Regular Price
$140.00Sale Price
  • 4-6" needle felted sculpture