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Transcribed message from a Spirit Animal that steps forward as a helper Spirit.

I connect with my guides in a Shamaic Journey and ask for the Spirit Animal who wishes to work with you now to step forward.  I also will convey any messages they have for you. 

 They tell me the attributes they offer to help you at this time. Many times other information will come through as the Journey progresses. I record any information I get and transcribe into a PDF.


I also add high vibrational AI generated pictures to illustrate as close as possible to what I see.  I believe AI technology is a tool,  just like all matter can be influenced by intention. It is very effective to use intention and descriptions of what I see to get a close approximation to what I experienced in the session.  It is a tool just like all electronic tools, but I make sure they are cleared and positively charged.

 After the Channeling I also pull some cards for additional support and clarification.


After purchase I will contact you to send a recent picture. I use the photo to connect enegetically.  I will need a fairly recent photo where I can see the person's eyes.

Message Delivered by email within 2 weeks




Spirit Animal Message w/ AI illustrations (cleared and positive charged)

$79.00 Regular Price
$59.00Sale Price
  • *By purchasing this Service you are agreeing this is not medical advice and does NOT take the place of medical or mental health treatment. We are not health care or mental health professionals. This is for entertainment purposes only and we take no responsibility for what the client does with the information.

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