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RSR- Remote Spirit Release

Spiritual Health Check

We have several gifted Facilitators and Mediums from different parts of the World that we work with. Each have been trained by Dr Terence Palmer and have worked many hours to receive their Certificate of Professional Competency.  RSR is done remotely meaning the client is not present or participating in the session.

We work each case in teams of 3. The Facilitator  job is to ask the questions, follow their intuition on any extra info to ask, and keeps the Medium safe and  grounded. The Medium's job is to connect with their Spirit Guide and either relay the information or allow the Guide to speak through them. The Spirit Guide does the work and coordinates the teams in Spirit to make sure the work is done thoroughly and efficiently.  Our Spirit Guides learn alongside us, and in fact are trained and overseen by the more experienced Spirit Guides.  This is truly Multidimensional work!
We follow a 10+point  protocol developed by Dr Palmer over 8+ years of research to check and balance multiple areas of Spiritual Health.

 We begin each session with checking Sovereignty.  Sovereignty is defined as having Supreme power or authority. Everyone has the right to be in control of their own Being and body.  We help people  gain back their power so it is easier for them to stay in alignment.  If someone is infringed upon by a DFE (Dark Force Entity), a control device or implant, or even a simple Earthbound Spirit Attachment it can have dramatic adverse effects.  These things can gain access if there is a weakened energy field due to stress, emotional upset, or physical trauma such as surgery.

Other distortions that could be found in an energy field are negative cords, Inter-dimensional parasites (spirit bugs), portals etc.   We also check and correct grounding, balance the basic 7 Chakras , and Clear the Inner Etheric.  We also will check if there are any contracts affecting this life that need review.  If needed, we check for curses and witchcraft directed at the person.  Any Earthbound Spirits found attached are assisted with love to detach and return to the light.

We also check on negative self-created thought forms and dissociated sub-personalities and have them dealt with with the guidance of the Higher Self.
We find out what the main vulnerability is and ask the higher self for any advice they would like the person to know.  Occasionally there will be beings such as Spirit Guides that will also make themselves known to the person. 

After the check is completed we send the recording and brief summary along with information on areas checked, and tools for remaining sovereign with tips on clearing/protection.
Sessions ordered from the amazing little group we work with tend to be 25-55 minutes -depending on the complexity.
We were taught to be quite efficient and to complete a session in 15min or less (which is just as effective) However, a lot of us come from a hypnosis background and are incredibly curious. We like to ask lots of questions leaving no stone un-turned so to speak. Our guides know us well and are happy to give detailed information.  Therefore our clients receive incredible insights and added value from their sessions.

So how does a person's Energy become Infringed upon?
Each person has a protection system known as the Aura. It acts like and energetic barrier or skin to keep infections and pests out of the system.  Any time that is compromised it can potentially leave one vulnerable. 
Some substances ingested can tear the Aura. Emotional turmoil, physical illness, past traumas, strong ill will from another person or being, targeted attacks from negatively polarized entities...many things can weaken or damage this vital protection.

If a person's energy field has been impacted for a long enough period of time this can manifest as or exacerbate  many mental and physical illnesses. As our mentor Dr. Palmer says, RSR cleans the wound and allows all therapies to be more effective.

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